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Restoring a Land Rover Defender Part 3

Today was the day that I’d booked a truck to transport the Land Rover back to my house so it was off to Pink’s house one final time.

There wasn’t much to do but I was looking forward to getting it back to my house so I could relax, take my time and start working on it.

Pink and I had put air in the tyres the previous week but we topped them up again as they seemed to have slow punctures – hardly surprising after spending 7 years outdoors in a garden.

I’d spent the week starting to plan the work that I wanted to carry out on the landy and there was going to be lots of decisions to make:

  • Should I do the bare minimum and just get it back road-worthy?
  • How about completely strip the whole thing down and rebuild? Costly and time consuming.
  • Something inbetween?
  • Keep the orginal engine or get another?
  • Convert it to electric?

All of these decisions could wait. My plan today was to get it home so I could figure out the extent of work that I would need to carry out. I wanted to do a good job so that the car would last many years into the future.

It was nice to see the car finally back at my house. Now the real work can begin…

I have created a series of videos on YouTube to document the rebuild and refurbishment and you can watch these as you follow this blog. You can find the second video below (please consider subscribing to my channel as it will really help me).

Coming up in Part 4 – I’ll be examining the car to see exactly what work needs doing to it.

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