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Restoring a Land Rover Defender Part 2

This was day two of the Land Rover Defender rebuild and involved another trip to Pinks house.

We had managed to get the car started last time and I had since booked a recovery vehicle that will be arriving in a weeks time. When we tried to move the car last time we realised that steering lock was on so we couldn’t turn the steering wheel.

Armed with a portable Makita 18v grinder and several hammers, Pink and I got to work cutting into the steering lock. Unfortunately, the grinder couldn’t quite get at the lock properly so we spent about an hour with a combination of cutting, swearing and hitting till eventually we got it off.

So, now that we had broken off the steering lock, the plan for today was simple – put some air in the tyres, then turn the car around in the garden so its facing the right way ready to be collected the following week.

I have created a series of videos on YouTube to document the rebuild and refurbishment and you can watch these as you follow this blog. You can find the second video below (please consider subscribing to my channel as it will really help me).

Coming up in Part 3 – Recovery vehicle will be arriving to transport the landy 30 miles back to my house.

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